INESC TEC Science Bits #5 – Personalised Health Research

INESC TEC Science Bits is a podcast, produced by INESC TEC and Engenharia Rádio, which aims to shed a light on the latest trends in science and technology, trying to dive deeper in each subject with the help of INESC TEC experts and researchers.

The fifth episode of INESC TEC Science Bits focuses on “Personalised Health Research”. Artur Rocha and Gonçalo Gonçalves, from INESC TEC’s Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics, help other health researchers in the development of new treatments before they become common practice. You can find out more about the study “Diaries of a Pandemic”, the Happ-e (the first online cohort for adults born prematurely) and iReceptor Plus, a project that focuses on immunogenetics.

Artur Rocha is a senior researcher at INESC TEC since 1998. He is the assistant coordinator of the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG). His current research interests include platforms and methods for collaborative research, privacy-preserving distributed computation, the semantic sensor Web (IoT) and Big Data processing. From October 1996 to December 1997, he was an associate member of CERN – European Laboratory for High Energy Physics, IT Division/Web Office. His research focuses on two major areas: Personalised Health Research (PHR), and Earth and Ocean Observation Science (EOOS). The PHR area comprises: a) personalised Internet-based treatments; and b) human data storage, privacy-preserving processing and controlled FAIR data sharing. Concerning this field, Artur Rocha participates in several projects, such as ICT4Depression (FP7), E-COMPARED (FP7), STOP Depression (EEA Grant), iCare4Depression (FCT), RECAP Preterm (H2020), EUCAN-Connect (H2020) and iReceptor Plus (H2020). In these projects, he is often responsible for the system’s architecture, platform implementation or technical coordination. As to the EOOS, he participates in the implementation of the RAIA Observatory (Interreg projects RAIA,, RAIA TEC, MarRisk and RADAR ON RAIA), SeaBioData(EEA Grant), MELOA (H2020) and C4G – which is the Portuguese node of EPOS (H2020 EPOS-SP).

Gonçalo Gonçalves is a researcher at the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics of INESC TEC since 2017. He holds a MSc in Network and Information Systems Engineering (focus on Parallel and Distributed Systems), from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. His research focuses mainly on software development for e-Health systems.
He currently participates in RECAP Preterm (H2020), EUCAN Connect (H2020) and other eHealth-related projects.

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