INESC TEC Science Bits #4 – Cryptocurrencies

INESC TEC Science Bits is a podcast, produced by INESC TEC and Engenharia Rádio, which aims to shed a light on the latest trends in science and technology, trying to dive deeper in each subject with the help of INESC TEC experts and researchers.

The fourth episode of the INESC TEC Science Bits podcast addresses one of the “hottest” subjects in recent years: cryptocurrencies. Francisco Cruz and Francisco Maia, researchers at INESC TEC’s High-Assurance Software Lab (HASLab), talk about the social and technological aspects of this market – which, approximately three years ago, registered a significant increase in the number of followers worldwide. What is – and what isn’t’ – Blockchain? How can Keyruptive, INESC TEC’s spin-off, combine convenience with security in the storage of digital currencies? Find out all the answers in this episode.

Francisco Maia, Science Bits

Francisco Maia is one of the co-founders of Keyruptive, an INESC TEC’s spin-off. He’s an associated researcher at INESC TEC, and he holds a PhD in large-scale storage systems, from a joint programme of the Universities of Minho, Aveiro and Porto (2015). He also participated in multiple national and international projects, like the SafeCloud project (H2020). This project, led by INESC TEC, focused on the development of a vast set of technology for the design of safer information storage and processing systems in cloud computing environments. Francisco Maia is the author of more than 20 scientific articles published in renowned international conferences, such as Eurosys, SRDS and DAIS. He is the president of Associação AMU, a Portuguese IPSS/NGDO for social emergency, social integration and development cooperation.

Francisco Cruz, Science Bits

Francisco Cruz is one of the co-founders of Keyruptive, a spin-off of INESC TEC. He is an associate researcher at INESC TEC, within the scope of the HASLab. He holds a PhD (2016) from the MAP-i doctoral programme of the Universities of Minho, Aveiro, and Porto. His research focuses on distributed databases and big data. He contributed extensively to the community, thanks to his work on autonomous reconfiguration and elasticity systems for Cloud Computing. He published several works in international events, such as Eurosys, SRDS and DAIS. He also participated in several European projects, such as CumuloNimbo – which aimed to redesign distributed databases for large-scale solutions

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