INESC TEC Science Bits # 2 – Smart Cities

INESC TEC Science Bits is a podcast, produced by INESC TEC and Engenharia Rádio, which aims to shed a light on the latest trends in science and technology, trying to dive deeper in each subject with the help of INESC TEC experts and researchers.


The second episode of INESC TEC Science Bits is somehow different, since we are all staying at home. Therefore, we ask you to get comfortable and follow us on this journey through the latest trends in science and technology. For this episode, we invited two INESC TEC researchers to discuss “Smart Cities”: David Rua, from the Centre for Power and Energy Systems, and Fábio Coelho, from the High-Assurance Software Laboratory.

During the course of this “smart” talk, the interviewers explain what Smart Cities are, and address the main challenges researchers need to overcome to develop them. Other concepts like “Big Data”, “Blockchain” and “cloud” came up also came up during the conversation.
How can all these concepts help to create smarter users and support IoT environments at the same time? How can one ensure the security of people and services? Find out the answers!


David Rua is a senior researcher at INESC TEC’s Centre for Power and Energy Systems and Area Manager of the X-Energy Management Systems, which is dedicated to the development of interoperable solutions of energy management in buildings. David Rua has a PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto), and his research activities have mainly been focused on communication systems for smart grids, energy management in residential buildings and the integration of renewable generation in the electric systems. He has also participated in several European projects – InterConnect, MERGE, evolvDSO, SmarterEMC2, AnyPLACE and InteGrid, aimed at developing strategies for the integration of distributed energy resources and the optimisation of energy use.


Fábio Coelho is currently working as a senior researcher at HASLab, one of INESC TEC’s research units. He obtained a Computer Networks Engineering degree from the Polytechnic of Lisbon, in 2011, and an MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Minho (2013). He has a PhD (2018) granted through the MAP-i Doctoral Programme, from the universities of Minho, Aveiro, and Porto. His research is focused on cloud-based SQL HTAP databases, cloud-based ICT platforms, non-relational databases, cloud computing, and distributed systems. Fábio has several international publications in top-tier conferences, such as SRDS, DAIS, and ICPE. He participated in several national and EU projects such as CoherentPaaS, LeanBigData, CloudDBAppliance, Integrid and InterConnect.

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