MoshPit 134 – Semana 3 a 9 de Outubro

Antes de mais, pedimos desculpa no atraso da divulgação do último programa que acabou por ficar “esquecido na prateleira”. Programa este que contou com vários “hits” de novos trabalhos de Craft, Samael, Mastodon, Pain of Salvation, Powerwolf, entre outros!

Contamos apresentar novidades em breve!



Craft – Succumb to Sin
Samael – Luxferre
Demilich – The Planet That Once Used To Absorb Flesh In Order To Achieve Divinity And Immortality (Suffocated To The Flesh That It Desired…)
Deus Otiosus – I Have Seen Him Slay
Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie
Mastodon – Curl of the Burl
Electric Wizard – Return Trip
Brutal Truth – End Time
Old Silver Key – Burnt Letters
Sega Rally OST – Conditioned Reflex
The Gathering – Liberty Bell
Steven Wilson – No Part Of Me
Myrath – Tales of the Sands
Pain of Salvation –  Mortar Grind
Solitude Aeturnus – The Hourglass
Fallen Angels – Laid To Rest
Powerwolf – Phantom of the Funeral
Frankenshred – Pray For Your Sins
Jason Becker – Altitudes
Wormrot – Loathsome Delusions
Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down

Download (109.82 MB)