MoshPit 112 – Semana 22 a 28 de Novembro 2010

Este programa marca o regresso do colosso teutónico de Thrash Metal, Sodom, que inclusive já lhes fizemos uma entrevista anteriormente (Confiram o programa nº 67…). Novidades também de God Dethroned, DeathSpell Omega, Solefald, Bethlehem entre outros!




God Dethroned – Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
DeathSpell Omega – Wings of Predation
The Wretched End – Last Judgement
Sodom – In War and Pieces
Dawnbringer – All I See
Metal Church – Deeds Of A Dead Soul
Zergoth – Puke
Manticora – From the Pain of Loss
Flotsam & Jetsam – Hypocrite
At Dusk – End of Being
Antiquus Scriptum – Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost)
Tartaros – A Shape In Far Disguise
Bethlehem – Yesterday I Already Died Today
Powerglove – Gotta Catch ’em All (Pokemon)
Vicious Rumors – Mr. Miracle
Solefald – Vitets Vidd I Verdi
Vomitory – Eternity Prevails
The Man-eating Tree – The White Plateau
Straight Beyond Last – Lakes And Rivers
Dantalion – Claws of Pestilence
Crux – Bells of Return
Division by Zero – Wake Me Up

Download (110.13 MB)