Entrevista com Putrid Pile [us]

O Festival SWR Barroselas Metalfest já passou, o MoshPit fez bastantes entrevistas, que assim que seja possível retomar as emissões iremos disponibilizar as mesmas.

Aos que foram ao festival, devem ter reparado no “booklet” distribuídio pelo recinto com os horários das bandas e algumas entrevistas, podem encontrar lá parte de uma entrevista feita a Shaun LaCanne, mentor do seu projecto Putrid Pile. A entrevista foi realizada por um dos locutores do MoshPit, e é disponibilizada agora em formato integral:

1) Hello Shaun, thanks a lot for your time, say, how did your project Putrid Pile get started?

Well when my old band Numskull fell apart I wanted to stay part of the underground to play with the bands ii was friends with and looked up to musicians, so I picked p a drum machine and started writing songs right away! I originally started the band as a studio project and as the shows kept coming more and more I decided to keep playing the live gigs because it was going over so well and next thing you know I have 1000’s of rabid fans and have gotten to see the world!  I couldn’t have asked for anything more! It’s been a very awesome ride that’s for sure!

2) Throughout the years you had a few band mates to play alongside you, but in the end Putrid Pile stayed as a one man band. Do you feel it’s the right choice?

Yes I do.  A couple of different people have come and gone and I’m still friends with those people, but in the end its better just being the one man for putrid pile I think.  It’s easier for me to get up and go to play shows and I can practice whenever it’s available for me to do so.  It’s just easier all around in the end so I just decided to keep it that way.  I don’t think the band would have the same effect if I added other members these days.  And most of the fans like it that way as well, so I think for now I’ll just keep it like that.  If I were to get other members I would just start another band I think.

3) How do you compose your songs? Especially the drums, since it’s not your native instrument?

Well I can play the drums so I know going into it what I want right off the bat. 90% of the songs I write start out with drum beats and then I add the riffs later. I’ve written full songs on the drums alone before and then the riffs when that was done.  Also sometimes I’ll come up with a riff in my head and start with that riff and then add the drums after I’ve written like 2 or 3 riffs.  It all kinds depends on the song I guess, really.

4) Speaking of your last album “House of Dementia”, I noticed that your riffs were more technical than your previous works. What motives you to do so?

Well I think my first CD Collection Of Butchery would have been like that as well, but I needed to get comfortable with playing like and singing at the same time.  It was kind of gradual you can see this from the 1st CD to the 3rd. I think over the years I’ve been more and more comfortable with playing and singing at the same time so it allows me to play more like I like and not so mid-paced and COB is. I love the CD don’t get me wrong, but I like to play to the best of my ability and I’ve come pretty close to that as of now. Got a little more work and experimenting to do, but I’m very comfortable with how things are going at the moment.

5) Where did you record “House of Dementia”? Personally, I think the production is great. Do you feel the same way?

Yes I do and thank you!!  I record all of my works at my friend Scott Creekmore’s studio Mercenary Digital Studios in Beach Park Il. USA. I’ve recorded everything from the Bleed For Me Demo to House Of Dementia. We’re great friends and we work really well together so everything works out good for both of us!

6) What reactions did you receive from your fans or the media, regarding House of Dementia?

Everyone says it’s my best work to date!  It’s been well received and I’m very happy with the outcome all the way around.  I’m happy everyone understands my vision alongside me. It’s been really phenomenal!!

7) You released your three albums on different labels, why was that? In Portugal we have a saying that says “at the third time, it goes well or cracks”, so, is Sevared Records to stay?

Well with each label it’s a different story, but what remains the same is I’ve signed a 1 album deal with each label and I’m searching for someone that will give me the best support I need to get my music out there. I have split CD coming out in a couple of months on Relapse Records so we will see how that will do.  I could maybe sign with them, but I can’t really say right now because I don’t know. I could sign another deal with Sevared Records in the future or maybe not.  I have to take it day by day and see what comes my way in the future.  We will see! LOL!!

8) You played in Portugal a few months ago… what memories do you hold from that gig, and what can the Portuguese metalheads expect from your performance on this festival?

Well they can expect less “technical difficulties” I guess! LOL!!  And maybe a little more energy.  The last time when I played there at the Butchery At Christmas Time it was fucking cold as hell! LOL!  But I had a great time nonetheless and can’t wait to come back. I plan to get a lot drunker this time! LOL! m/

9) What gigs you played that you cherish the most? And why?

That’s a hard one because I love every gig in its own special way because it’s a great honor for me to travel the world and see sights but for these two reasons these two gigs hold very dear to my heart: Deathfeast 2009 in Germany because of the energy the crowd gave me and they moshed and circlepitted for my entire 45 min. set!  Even in between songs the pit was circling and that gave me Goosebumps and was very high energy from start to finish!  The second one I would have to say Obscene Extreme Festival 2008 Because of the great response and that was the most metalheads I’ve ever played in front of and the atmosphere and beers were something to write home about for sure! Those are the 2 gigs that stick out in my mind,but i think about all of the gigs ive ever played outside of my hometown. I take picture for the memories and go through them often!

10) Ok, what comes next in Putrid Pile career?

A split CD with Putrid Pile and Viral Load to be released by Relapse Records by June 2010. 3 new songs from each band.  We both have our songs recorded right now and were in the process of mixing right now. It’s going to be sick so keep an eye out for it and show your support and pick it up!

11) Any last words for the Portuguese metalheads?

I’ll be seeing you all very soon! Get ready to have some beers with me and the European Repugnance Tour with Putrid Pile, Defeated Sanity, Cerebral Bore, and Scatorgy. Gonna be a great time for sure! Obrigado and I’ll see you in May!